Oh No He's Getting On The Soapbox

Team Coral is a game studio that believes in your right to consume content, the way you want. We dislike how developers include DRM in their games that forces the player to always be online; We dislike how consoles are intentionally locked down, to where you cannot write programs, install skins, use new menus, and otherwise prevent you from using your hardware and software the way YOU want to.

We stand strongly by the idea that YOU as the consumer should have complete control of your games. You sshould be free to change, add, modify, and effect any experience how you see fit. As developers, we do try to craft our works in specific ways, and create an experience that is made for many if not all; but we are not YOU and we respect your right to be able to change anything you want about our games. This is why our games and their code will always be open source. Many of us came from a background in rom hacking and other sorts of game modding. We wish to help and grow that scene instead of discouraging and destroying that.

To Freedom of choice, to liberation of software, and to YOU; the player, the modder, the creator and consumer.

Happy gaming.