Other Cool Stuff

Here's some cool stuff you should check out:


It's a cool manga with AMAZING cyberpunk/dark industrial art that you should read if you like sci-fi cyberpunk stuff! I can't tell you that you can get it from the website nyaa.si, or that you should get the one that says BLAME! Master Edition (2016-2017) (Digital) by danke-Empire, but you should definitely read it!

I also really like this musical artist called Sewerslvt.

There's TONs of other music that I really love, (ask Andy over in the chatroom, or on the forums andI'm sure he'll be more than happy to give you tond of stuff to listen to.)

Other than that, uhhhhhhh Alien(s) is VERY cool, and so is zfg1 the speedrunner.

This website was only possible for me to make because of the very cool people at landchad.net!