We at Team Coral believe that platforms should work for people, not the other way around. The way many modern social platforms constrict users, and intentionally cater themselves to get you to waste time on the platforms, makes it very hard for us to truly function on them; especially with the recently emerged Cancel Culture that makes it hard to exist and have non-mainstream views on any topic.

We have, and prefer that you use, our self hosted xmpp chatroom (not functional currently, sorry), and our very own forum (actually working!) where you can free communicate with the community without having to deal with giant tech TOS. Along with this, we have our own development blog, and you can directly subscribe to it via email or rss so that you never miss a post, instead of simply hoping Twitter or YouTube shows you our content when and if they see fit.

We understand that many of you are integrated deeply into existing websites already, so we DO have Social outlets on those platforms, but we believe that everyone should have their own websites, their own blogs, and be able to cultivate their own communities, instead of being smashed together like modern social platforms do.

Without Further Delay; here are our platforms you can consume our content on:

Coral Blog        CoralChat        CoralForums

Twitter        YouTube           Discord

This website was only possible for me to make because of the very cool people at!